Khanvel Resort Turns “Atmanirbhar”, Uses Resort Property to Grow Veggies

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

PM Modi announced recently in an address that it intends to make the nation self-sufficient and self-reliant and urged every individual, community and business to adopt the same function. Very close to this vision, MD Nirmal Jain of Khanvel Resort has already converted the huge well spread property into an organic zone. Following this the ‘Atmanirbhar Yojana’ came into existence which promotes the concept of availing local products and services and reinstates the slogan of ‘Make in India’. Khanvel Resorts which has property spread over more than 15 acres of land has started sustainable farming activities within their compound to cultivate organic homegrown produce. This initiative has been taken by the resort to support the motto of Atmanirbharta led by Mr. Narendra Modi and contribute towards a sustainable tomorrow.


Some of the organic produce


The travel and hospitality industry has faced a hard blow due to the pandemic and the followed lockdown. Several employees and house staff have returned back to their hometowns, while many others are currently housed at the resort and are provided with food and utilities. These employees have engaged themselves in daily Yoga, the Chefs into providing healthy eating solutions and being part of the organic farming initiative to promote a healthy living.


Mr. Nirmal Jain – Founder of Khanvel Resorts


Atmanirbharta is a concept that will lead the ‘new normal’ post the COVID-19. We must learn to be self-sufficient and self-reliant not just as a country but also as individuals,” said Founder of Khanvel Resorts, Mr. Nirmal Jain.


The lockdown has been difficult on everyone. It’s lovely to work on the farm, it is helping us learn so much and we have something interesting to do rather than being cooped up indoors,” said a member of the staff at Khanvel.


The 2 acre organic farm is producing cucumbers, ladyfingers, cauliflower, coriander, chillies, mint, bottle gourd, tomatoes, pumpkin, etc. These farms are located near the Khanvel riverside cottages and will prove to be a delightful view to the guests once the resort opens for service again. While the organic farming takes place, proper precautions are taken to maintain sanitation and hygiene and social distancing is observed religiously.

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