Cheapest Home Loans today make it the Best Time to buy a home!

As now the Unlock 2.0 has started, many industries have also started resuming their business activities with proper social distancing. The slow and steady pace is the only way to unfold things.

As we know we all have faced a lot of economical, mental, and physical difficulties this year. But, it’s a fact that such a crisis also presents us with some great opportunities. Such a crisis teaches how to think out of the box, endure & thrive and COVID-19 brings the same opportunities.

Since the past few years, the realty industry of India has been seeing numerous changes in property regulations. The real estate industry has been a favored resource class for customers, as it offers various advantages.


A very famous saying, “Owning a home is a keystone of wealth… both financial affluence and emotional security”. This quotation is very well written and explains the importance of home in our life. And, due to COVID-19 scenario, this is the topmost priority in everyone’s mind.

During such crises, home is the only thing that brings security & stability in ones’ life than to other investment choices.


Presently when individuals are looking for new job security, having a home of your own is far safer and secure. So all in all, the home has become an indispensable part of our lives and a tangible investment venture. It is not at all like other resource classes; however, it further accelerates the property buying trends.


Nowadays, there is already a growing desire of buying a home is inculcating among consumers as it’s the topmost necessity. Recently Anarock reveals that Residential Property Investment is the best investment option during this Pandemic due to lower risks associated.

Additionally, a public poll has conducted on Twitter. This poll has revealed 76% of the consumers today are choosing the safety of a home over other luxury assets. All these put together, are definitely a testament to the growing interest of owning a home in the country.


So, if you are planning to buy a home, this is the best time to go for it. The affordability and livability of home loans today are all-time lowest. The home loan rates which were more than 10% few years back are now slashed by the RBI. The repo rate has slashed down by 40 basis points, which is now at an all-time low of 4%.

So, this is truly great news for home loan borrowers who want to buy dream home. Home Loan Interest rates are currently headed downwards. In this manner decreasing EMIs has been making home possession increasingly affordable. EMI has gone down to practically 7.5% and it might go down further.

With lowest interest rates ever post COVID-19, this is the best time to buy a home


With the cheaper home loan rates today, this is the ideal time to take a home loan. With home loan interest rates at an all-time low, it lets you save alot or buy a spacious home.

You can use your savings from reduced EMI to get a top-up loan. This will let you fulfill your wish to own your dream home and make the purchase complete.

With above these factors, the mid-segment and affordable sectors will emerge as the most favored property category during these times. The Anarock survey recommends that 36% of buyers would go for affordable homes while 37% would buy the mid-segment property. Also with the labor issues due to COVID-19, there is also a long delay expected in under-construction projects. So, it’s better to buy ready for possession homes which is absolutely risk-free.

We also recommend buying a property in New Chandigarh. This is the talk of the town today due to premium property collection, amazing infrastructure, and pollution-free environment. So, it’s the best place to invest near Chandigarh.


Today, the cheap home loan scenario also brings another benefit. Home seekers would now be able to take a look at the chance of going for a fixed rate over a floating one. The last will in general get unpredictable and can go north dependent on money-related policy decisions by the RBI. Subsequently, opting for fixed rates home loans is the ideal alternative as of now when rates are at their depth.

There is more for home purchasers taking a look at property for investment purposes. One would now be able to get monthly rental income on a property. Rental Income is now pegged at 2.5% of capital value in metro cities like Mumbai & Delhi. With a 7.5% interest rate of home loans, if a house is bought for letting results to 5%.

This is another win-win situation for home buyers as it ensures assured rental income and stay ahead of inflation. The cheapest home loan rates after COVID-19 has become a great trigger for home seekers to buy a new home. With so many factors are in your favor, don’t you think you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to buy your dream home today?


This is just not stopping at it as many reputed property builders and developers are offering incredible benefits. With additional offers, they’re making the home-buying deal beneficial for consumers. Builders are also adopting lessons from the Corona period. They are now changing the structure of houses. According to HDFC Securities, most developers are customizing the size of homes. In view of the new circumstances, new properties will include more care for sufficient outdoor space, study rooms, better broadband, etc.

Apart from this, the builders are offering different kinds of offers, including modular kitchen, furniture coupons, etc. According to a report, good signs for real estate are being seen. This is because many bookings have not been canceled despite the Corona crisis and the lockdown.


If you are one of the aspiring home-buyers, this is the lifetime opportunity to make the biggest financial move. Looking at the current home loan rates scenario, it is truly a home buyer’s market to go for property investment. Avail home loans at lowest interest rates today and fulfill the desire of buying your own dream house.

Written by: Neha Rampal

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