AIPL Aids Daily Wage Workers and Stray Dogs in their Fight Against COVID-19

  • Daily rations for 500+ daily wage workers and Langars for needy

  • Observes stringent safety protocols in its residential complexes

  • Tends to its on-site workers and staff 


Amidst these testing times, as the world grapples with the sufferings caused by the pandemic COVID-19, organizations like Advance India Project Limited (AIPL) are showing a ray of hope to the needy, crushed under the burden of the current crisis. As a part of its CSR activity, AIPL is taking up relief measures for the migrant population, working as daily wage workers in the cities, who are currently stranded jobless and helpless. Taking endeavors a notch ahead, AIPL is also focusing on the voiceless stray dogs.


AIPL team distributing ration to migrant workers


Over five hundred people are being given rations and around three hundred stray dogs are being fed by this organization on a daily basis. Langars are being arranged across multiple locations for the migrant population in the cities. In addition to that, ten days of ration, which includes wheat flour, rice, pulses, oil, salt and other necessary items is being provided to migrant population and to anyone else in need in and outside the city, as being advised by administration authorities.


Food Supplies Being Distributed by AIPL Team


Along with the Indian government that is taking all the necessary steps to put a stop to the massive spread of corona virus, real estate developers are also doing their bit to contribute towards keeping the community safe, one step at a time. By fully complying with advisories issued by the government and other competent authorities, the organizations including AIPL, are going all out to help the government in its effort to contain the spread of the deadly virus.


Commenting on the company’s preparedness to fight the pandemic, Mr. Pankaj Pal, President – Business Development & Strategy, AIPL said, “AIPL has always stood by the nation, and its invaluable stakeholders in its hour of need, and will continue to do so in the future. In an attempt to put these words into action, we have extended our support to all the construction workers across all our sites. The lockdown will surely test our patience and our limit of endurance, but it will especially hit the underprivileged ones. Through the wide range of welfare initiatives, we intend to support and bring this class of people out of the crisis safely, and eventually support India in its fight against COVID-19. We hope this initiative would further encourage others to come forward and join us in this noble endeavor.”


Besides providing for the migrant population and the ones in need, AIPL is taking care of the safety of its workers stranded at various AIPL project sites due to the current lockdown. Also to protect and maintain the health of the workers, gloves and masks are distributed to the staff on a regular basis. Any staff found with any symptoms of COVID-19 shall be sent for medical checkup with immediate effect.


In order to deal with this crisis more efficiently, there are arrangements for awareness, training session of housekeeping employees on impact of regular cleaning or sanitization, and their safety. Also, dedicated apartments or areas are provided to the retained staff with complete facilities of stay over and cooking facilities by providing regular stock of rations to make the staff comfortable. Along with rations, langar facility is also provided for the benefit of the workers on site.

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