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The Science Of Architecture And Vastu Shastra For Home Design

Vastu Shastra for home design is getting popular among new buyers. Indian Vastu Shastra is the science of architecture used at the time of construction of a house. But it is difficult for a builder to ensure one without much complaint. 

If you are planning to buy a house, then following some of the Vastu tips can make the family happy and bless you with a prosperous future. 

Vastu suggests some details, like the colors, shapes, directions, and formats. It is a healthy practice of building a house, free from unearthly forces to bring in health, wealth, and happiness for the residents. 

Vastu Shastra For Home Design Principles Are Followed By Different Parts of The House

Vastu shastra is followed by Vastu Purusha Mandal. This manual decides the various activities inside the building. Some of the Vastu tips are classified based on dwelling spaces. 

Vastu Shastra for home design
Vastu Shastra For home Design

Vastu Tips For The Plot

The factors that radiate positive energy on the land are location, orientation, and selection of the plot. The selection depends on several factors, like

  • Shapes of the plot: The regular shapes like square or rectangular are auspicious. These shapes help with financial growth and bring prosperity to the inhabitants. Shapes like round, oval or semicircular are avoided as they restrict the growth and affect the mental health of the residents like depression. If possible then the irregular-shaped plot must have a 90-degree angle at the southwest corner to avoid any Vastu dosha
  • Plots with pathways: Plots having pathways on all four sides are considered to be auspicious. Even roads towards the north or eastern sides are favorable. It maintains wealth and happiness. Lands at the dead-end must be avoided
  • Directions: According to Vastu Shastra, plots facing any direction are lucky. Each of these four directions has its advantages.  
  • Balcony or space: Balcony should be there in the north or east direction for better energy flow. The slope of the plot towards the north is preferred

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Vastu Directions For The Entrance of The New Home

 The entrance gate is the access point to all the energies that are constantly coming and going out of the house. The position of the gate should be decided according to correct any Vastu dosha of the house if any at the time of construction. 

  • The best direction should be towards the North or East direction of the house 
  • The entrance should be free from any clutter or waste. An entrance gate should not be built above the septic tank or underwater. 
  • The main door needs to be bigger than the rest of the doors
  • There should not be any duct or sewer openings near the entrance. It will negatively impact the environment. Any opening should be immediately closed and the gutter should be cleaned at intervals. 
  • The gate should be well lit and guarded during the day and at night 
  • The main door should be made of high-quality wood like Sal or Segun
  • Fountains or aquatic decor should be avoided. Any kind of animal statue is also considered inauspicious according to Vastu shastra for home design
  • Washrooms should not face the main door
  • The gate should be well decorated with nameplates or torans. Black paint should be avoided for the main door or the gate
  • The entrance door must open in a clockwise direction
  • Two gates are preferred, one in the east and the other in the north direction

Vastu Tips For The Living Room And Its Furniture

The main attraction of the house is the living room, and the guests are welcomed. It creates an impression on the visitors. The best location for the living room is towards the east, or northeast. 

  • The rooms must be square or rectangular shaped as they follow straight lines
  • The direction of furniture placement is towards the west or southwest
  • Circular-shaped furniture should be avoided
  • Electronic appliances like televisions or music systems are in the southeastern direction
  • The mirror in the living room must be located on the north wall
  • Potted plants enhance positive energy. While any kind of artificial plants or dried plants should be taken out. According to Vastu Shastra home design, they are not auspicious for the dwellers

Bedroom Tips As Per Vastu

Vastu Shastra for home design
Bedroom tips Per Vastu

A bedroom is a place to relax and is a private room for the owners. A detailed article has already been published on this matter. Yet, some of the basic tips can be shared again for those who are trying to purchase a new property or a flat. 

  • The best direction for a master bedroom is southeast
  • Mirrors or television should be avoided as they attract quarrels among the partners
  • The placement of the bed is towards the south or east for proper sleep and recovery from any ailment
  • Wall paints must be earthly or pastel tones like white or cream

Vastu For The Location of The Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the key rooms in the house from where positive and negative vibes are spread. It is considered the hub for all the energy circulation. Some of the tips that should be considered at the time of constructing a kitchen are

  • Southeast or northwest is the best Vastu direction. This is the direction of the fire lord so priority is given to this direction. 
  • The kitchen basin is placed in the northeast direction
  • Toilets are avoided beside or above the kitchen
  • Kitchen doors must not face the washroom

Vastu For The Puja or Meditation Rooms

As discussed in the earlier articles, a puja room is located in the northeast direction of the house. 

  • The idols are placed at a height of 9 to 12 inches above the floor
  • The doors and windows of this room are located toward the north or east side
  • The wall paint is of lighter shades like cream, white, light blue, or yellow
  • Puja room must be avoided inside a bedroom or adjacent to the washroom

Kids And Guest Rooms As Per Vastu

Vastu shastra for home design
Vastu For Kids Room

South-West direction is the best for the kids’ room. They must sleep facing the south or east for good luck. 

Name of the Gods according to Vastu

  • North: Lord Kuber also known as the Lord of money 
  •  North-East: Lord Shiva also known as the Lord of the Universe
  • North-West: Lord Vayu also known as the Lord of Air
  • East: Lord Indra also known as Lord of Devas
  • Center: Brahma Dev also known as Lord of Creation
  • West: Lord Varun also known as the Lord of Rain or Water
  •  South-East: Lord Agni also known as Lord of Fire
  • South: Yam Dev also known as Lord of Death
  • South-West: Narratya Dev also known as Lord of Devils

Vastu For The Staircases And Basement

Staircase: Staircases in the house also fall under the Vastu shastra for home design. The staircase tips that are shared in this article need to be considered before buying a property.

Vastu Ventilation Tips

Adequate ventilation and daylight are a must for every home. This will increase the positive energy flow within the house and its members. 

Coloring Tips As Per Vastu

A separate article has been published in this regard. However, a brief discussion about the shades of paint is discussed below

  • Mostly lighter shades like cream, beige, yellow, pink, light blue or green, mauve, and any other shades are applicable according to Vastu. 
  • Any dark shades like indigo, black, brown, or grey need to be avoided

Auspicious Time For Moving To A New House or Flat

Moving to a new house or flat is based on the Hindu calendar or Panchanga. This calendar will provide the auspicious timing and days to perform the Griha Pravesh ceremony. 

Entering The New House

According to the Vastu shastra for home design, it is recommended to enter the new property that has only the stove introduced in the kitchen. It should be done before doing all the ceremonies of the newly purchased property. Before entering, the breaking of the coconut and the first step is on the right foot.

The Griha Pravesh Ceremony And The Havan

Griha Pravesh Ceremony

The Havan ceremony is performed to get the blessings of God. It is Lord Ganesha who is offered fire, coconuts, ghee, and other worshipping items. Finally, the sprinkle of holy water from Ganga keeps the negativity at bay. Every owner makes sure of the Vastu compliance of their home to enjoy a prosperous life. 

Written By: Manashi Dey

(Disclaimer: This article is from the author’s perspective. Kindly do check with experts before following. thepropertynow.in will not be responsible for any kind of inconvenience and incorrect or misleading information.)

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