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Real Estate Sector is Ripe for Digital Disruption: Homes247.in Founder Mr. Priyatham Kumar

With the crisis still looming large, and strict social distancing in place, conventional real estate business models were in for a surprise. Barring a few players that had digital sales channels in place – including virtual tours or online customer bookings, most of the real estate offerings went belly up within the last few months.


Homes247.in Founder – Mr. Priyatham Kumar


But this pandemic has accelerated digital adoption where both home buyers and sellers were forced to go digital for their real estate deals. In order to tackle this challenge, Homes247.in, a pan-India realty portal, launched two unique offerings, namely “Book a Home from Home” and “Home on Wheels”.


While “Book a Home from Home” took the entire home buying process online, the offline model, “Homes on Wheels” was a literal twist to ‘Home Delivery’ and operated via a dedicated fleet of highly trained relationship managers. With this mix of ‘digital-only’ property selection and dedicated relationship managers for the next steps, Homes247.in aspires to streamline the highly unorganized real estate market in India.


Homes247.in was one of the first Indian real estate marketplaces to enable Prop-Tech at an unprecedented pace. The company built its property portal and the CRM in-house, as per the needs of their end-customer. And rather than just listing properties in bulk, Homes247.in handpicks and verifies each property before listing on their portal.


According to Mr. Priyatham Kumar, Founder & CEO, Homes 247.in, “Home is essentially an emotion. Once a home buyer settles down, technical terminologies such as property, building, sqft, yard, etc., stand obsolete. Only the emotion is left behind. It’s much more than just a square plot or a roof, – and that is our driving force.”


Mr. Priyatham Kumar comes from a very humble background and draws his expertise from over two decades of operational experience across Banking, Insurance, Real Estate, etc. He rose from a very humble background and today, leads a disruptive real estate marketplace.


For most people, buying a home is once in a lifetime thing, so nothing must hinder the purchase experience. And we do just that – the reason we call ourselves Homes247.in – Homes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!” added Mr. Priyatham.


Homes247.in assists property buyers across the complete lifecycle of a property purchase. Right from “Search, to Select & Settle”, the company has dedicated channel partners to facilitate home loans, decor, and much more, to enable added convenience for home buyers; literally reinforcing their tagline “Think Home, Think Us”.


With the crisis not waning any time soon, there is a dearth of such ‘digital-only’ solutions that bring back the normal in our lives without compromising on social distancing.

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